About Us

Based in Australia, Echo Fix is an audio company manufacturing tape echo machines and studio grade effects pedals for customers worldwide.

The company began as a provider of repairs and spare parts for the Roland Space Echo & Echoplex tape machines.

“After years of servicing and developing spare parts, we began working on our own Tape Echo. We spent three years prototyping, rigorously testing, and meticulously designing in secret - while accounting for every possible application.”

In 2019, the EF-X2 was announced and soon became the new standard of tape echo. A reliable, warm sounding machine with a modern feature set that is at home in any context.

In 2022, with the experience of building over a thousand EF-X2s, the team began developing the EF-X3 and rack-mountable EF-X3R. Packed with a new feature set including direct head outputs, this model took the tape delay experience to a new level.

Now, the company has entered the effects pedal market with the EF-P2 Spring Reverb. A fully analog spring reverb with increased voltage rails, making it at equally suitable for a pedal board or a professional studio desk.

Known for their reliability and some of the best customer support in the industry, Echo Fix remains a leader in exciting audio equipment.