2 x EF-5L Tape Loops for the Echo Fix EF-X2

2 x EF-5L Tape Loops for the Echo Fix EF-X2

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2 x Replacement EF-5L Tape Loops for The Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo

These loops are only available to owners of the Echo Fix EF-X2 and are at a reduced price.

Please Note: Limit of 2 tape loops per customer order (1 x 2 pack). Contact us via email if more are required.

We have a huge amount of tape stock and this is to ensure there will be enough tape for owners of the EF-X2 for decades to come.

Packaged in slimline shock proof plastic cases.

Note: Our tape is NOT BASF LGR-50 or Mastering tape which is not suitable for the EF-X2. The tape we use is very specific and ensures correct operation. Even mastering tape with a graphite backing is not suitable.

Incorrect tape will cause low echo output, tape jamming, distorted echo output, little or no self oscillation, incorrect tone and excessive head wear and will void your warranty.

Over 90% of the the echo repairs that come in to our workshop are due to faulty tape loops that were made with incorrect tape.

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