2 x Replacement HH Tape Echo Loops

2 x Replacement HH Tape Echo Loops

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2 x Replacement HH Tape Echo Loops

Our tape has a rich tone with high echo output that self oscillates perfectly when needed.

Packaged in slimline shock proof plastic cases.

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Note: Our tape is NOT BASF LGR-50 or Mastering tape which is not suitable for these units. Even NOS HH tape that has been stored correctly is not recommend as it has sticky shed syndrome and we are seeing repairs with this tape jammed in the mechanism. It will also dirty the heads with the shedding oxide.

Incorrect tape can cause low echo output, tape jamming, distorted echo output, little or no self oscillation, incorrect tone and excessive head wear.

Over 90% of the repairs that come in to our workshop are due to faulty tape loops that were made with incorrect tape stock.

If your tape echo has had any of this tape installed previously we recommend cleaning the heads with 99% Isopropyl alcohol and in some cases your heads will need to be polished to remove the thin layer of baked on oxide. We have a youtube video on how to polish the heads.