Echoplex EP1 EP2 DIY Full Service Kit

Echoplex EP1 EP2 DIY Full Service Kit

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Echoplex EP1 & EP2 DIY Service Kit

1 x RED Updated Echoplex Pinch Roller with low friction sealed bearings
3 x Tension Spring with Felt
1 x Replacement Drive Belt
1 x NOS Vintage tape length to reload your existing Cartridge (Excellent Tone)
1 x Lot Splicing Tape Tabs

Splicing Block not included.

Echoplex Cart Reload Instructions - Click Here

Precision made exceeding original specification.

These Parts Rollers should be replaced at least every 5000 hours of use to ensure correct operation. The tape should be replaced every 300 hours.

Faulty rubber rollers,drive belts,tension springs an tape can lead to wow and flutter, Pitch variations, low echo output signal and tape transport problems.

We have researched and manufactured new parts to original specifications as they are no longer available.

As these units are over 30 years old these user serviceable parts are now wearing out and not functioning correctly and can sometimes cause damage to your machine.

This is an essential service item.

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